Reducing the time of the design process

Table of Contents

Problem description #

It is always an important question to speed up the computing time or use less computing resources of the computer, especially in the case of great models during the optimization phase, when a limited number of elements are modified, before recalculating the model to check its behaviour. AXISVM provides the possibility to investigate only the actually relevant or required elements. Using this setting, significant time can be saved.

Solution #

By default, the program automatically performs the calculation for each member that has previously design parameter been assigned.

However, there is a possibility to check only those design members which are parts of the selected detail or part. In this case members outside the selected parts will not use the computing resources of the computer.

For this, the following checkbox should be turned on, in the dialog box under the Settings > Preferences > Parts.

It is important to select the relevant members or create a detail which contain the elements to be investigated.

The procedure of selecting can be accomplished in several ways.

  1. It can be done by clicking on the Parts icon from the left sidebar, where new parts can be created using the “plus” sign icon:

2. Another, more quick and convenient possibility is selecting the required elements from the full model, then choosing the following icon in the bottom line (speed buttons) of the display:

If the parts are already created, or if the automatically created details (by the program) are appropriate, the selection can be done by choosing the ,,parts  icon on the bottom quick function bar:

After this, you can check the results of the selected elements more quickly (no calculation on the whole model).