Save and restore settings

Save and restore #

Settings, which can be changed in AxisVM, are saved in different files that can be copied for backup purposes (Windows explorer). To restore older settings, the saved file can be copied back and the existing file can be overwritten. With this same method, settings can be transferred from a work station to another.

Files and folders #

The settings are saved –by default– to the AxisVM installation directory at C:\AxisVM[version number]

  • General settings
    C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\AxisVM\[version number]
    User_Username.ini (Menu: Settings / Preferences,) user-defined
  • Units (Menu: Settings / Units and formats)
    AXUNITS.ini → all unit rates (e.g.: “EU”, “SI”)
  • Material database (Structural materials – tables)
    mat_SIA.mat → Structural materials according to SIA standard
    mat_custom.mat → User-defined material database
    file format: mat_norm.mat
  • Material database (Rebar steel grades- tables)
    RE_SIA.dat → Rebar steel grades according to SIA standard
    file format: RE_Norm.dat
  • Cross-section database (tables)
    Profile_name.sec → Cross-section table (e.g.: EU_HE.sec = “HE European wide flange beams”)
  • Color scale
    colormap.dat → all saved color schemes