Options for editing drawings of report maker

Problem description #

Sometimes already saved drawings display differently in the PDF documentation as on the screen, e.g. Information windows slip on the picture or the desired drawing extends out from the picture.

Reason #

A perfect match between the screen and the printed drawing is impossible because if the labels were reduced to the same scale as the drawing elements (to keep the scale and arrangement), it would result in small, unreadable text. For this reason, the texts and labels will always be greater than on the screen. This may cause the information window to become larger and partially hide the image.

Solution #

In case of such problems, it is worth trying the option  “Adjust font size when printing” with both possible states. This option affects the scaling of printed texts. 

This option is available under Settings/Preferences/Fonts:

Here, the user can modify the text size of information windows and drawing labels (the size can be reduced or increased). 

These settings provide a better print view and arrangement.