Program can’t start due to spro_aex64.dll error message

Problem description #

When trying to start AxisVM, an error occurs with the spro_aex64.dll file, and the software does not start up.

Reason #

The Sentinel driver which is used to protect the software and certain USB driver software interfere with each other.

Solution #

  • Make sure whether a USB device (e.g. flash drive) is connected to your computer.. If yes, remove it! Sometimes it causes a problem, because USB device (e.g. a SanDisk pendrive) “conflicts” with the Sentinel driver.
  • If there is no connected flash drive and the program doesn’t start, try to launch AxisVM with admin rights.
  • If it doesn’t help, try to rename the spro_aex64.dll to another name (AxisVM may work properly without this dll).

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