Access violation in module atio6axx.dll error message

Problem description #

AxisVM crashes with an error message of “Access violation at address “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx“ in module “atio6axx.dll”.
Read of address “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx“

Reason #

It is important to note and understand that the source of the message is not in AxisVM, but in the graphics card driver. In our experience, AMD cards are more affected by this issue.

When graphics is initialized in AxisVM, we choose to use the standard Windows driver or the driver of the graphics card manufacturer. If the “Hardware graphics acceleration” is turned on (Settings>Preferences>Colors), then the graphics card driver will be used.

atio6axx.dll – dll file called – is a part of AMD OpenGL driver program developed by Advanced Micro Devices, Inc..

AxisVM, as well as different applications or games, may need this file to work properly. If atio6axx.dll is missing, whenever you start AxisVM you may experience the error.

Solution #

The following recommendations are available for the issue:

  • Update graphics card driver
  • Manually download and place atio6axx.dll into AxisVM folder, which is in folder C:\AxisVM X6 by default
  • Turn off “Hardware graphics” acceleration under Settings>Preferences>Colors
  • Disable “Allow caching of OpenGL data” under Settings>Preferences>Colors, while leaving “Hardware graphics acceleration“ on. This setting controls how much data is being pushed towards the graphics card to process. If the cache is turned on, more data is pushed, visualization can be faster. If the issue occurs because the driver can not handle the amount of data from time to time, this can be a solution. By turning off the cache, data will be sent “one by one”, but it may slightly affect model visualization if the model is large enough.