Removal of unnecessary elements

The usage of AXISVM could be more efficient and faster, if we keep our model free of unnecessary elements and take care of our accuracy of geometrical editing.

Undesired nodes and lines #

When generating the mesh all geometry objects (nodes, lines) are respected. Therefore it is recommended to avoid nodes and lines, that are not used for element definition. In many cases it can hardly be avoided to produce such nodes (e.g. by copying). The upcoming lines will reflect on to introduce such practices that can solve this.

Free nodes and lines #

The aim is to remove nodes and lines that are left in the model and have no function (this can disturb meshing if these elements are inside a defined domain). To remove elements that lie inside domain planes, the option “Include internal lines of domains into parts by default” (menu “Settings” → “Preferences” → “Parts”) should be turned off before proceeding with the next steps. As for all geometry modifications, the mesh should be deleted before proceeding.

Steps of the procedure:

  • Selection tool bar
  • Element filter
  • First choose „All”
  • Deactivate „Node” and „Line” elements
  • Select everything by clicking “OK” button (the program selects everything except not defined and free nodes and lines)
  • Next step is “Show only selected elements” option from the bottom-line hotkeys
  • Nothing is selected. Select delete tool (e. g. pressing “Del” key)
  • Select everything
  • Turn off “Show only selected elements” (now the whole model appears, everything is selected, except free nodes and lines)
  • Next step is to apply „Invert” selection (switches the selected group of elements with the unselected ones)
  • It is still needed to press “Select everything”

  • Confirm the choice (by pressing „OK”) the nodes and lines are deleted
  • In the end the “Include internal lines of domains into parts by default” setting can be turned back. (This was important when we applied “Show only selected elements” option to avoid the appearance of free nodes and lines liing in the plane of domains.)

Nodes on domain edges and lines #

Lines are defined by their two endpoints. If one of these nodes is deleted, the line is also removed. To delete nodes on existing lines and keep the line, another procedure has to be chosen.

Delete unnecessary nodes #

The button “Remove intermediate nodes” can be found in the menu of “Geometry”. This have the function that from a line the unnecessary nodes (actually dividing points) can be deleted without deleting the adjacent lines. Only those nodes are deleted, which can meet these requirements:

  • Adjacent lines are liing on the same straight line
  • The lines on the same straight line have the same element definition (e.g. line elements, edge hinges)
  • The node is not used for load definition

Divide intersecting lines #

The “Remove node” button has a similar function as the previous one. The difference is this command can remove a node of two or more intersecting lines, making them unique separate lines.

The intersection of lines and the creation of a node can be prevented as well by turning off the following bottom-line hotkey:

It can also be turned off like this: “Settings” → “Model options” → “Editing” → in the “Auto” window unchecking the box “Intersect”.