Parameter is incorrect – AxisVM does not start

Problem description #

AxisVM does not start, throws the “Parameter is incorrect” error message and returns to the desktop.

Solution #

If AxisVM closed unexpectedly/incorrectly, there is a chance that the “user_username.ini” file will become damaged. The “user_username.ini” file is used to store user preferences (like autossave time, geometry, color scheme, unit preferences etc…) which is loaded upon software start, and if it is damaged, will prevent the start up procedure.

If the “The parameter is incorrect” message prevents the successfull start up of AxisVM, go to “C:\Users\‘username’\AppData\Roaming\AxisVM\XX\” and rename the user_username.ini“ file.
*XX is the version, in case of AxisVM X7, it is 17…

This will force AxisVM to generate a new “user_username.ini” file, which will be used further on storing user preferences.

Please make a copy of the original user_username.ini file, and send us through our SUPPORT CHANNEL for further investigation. 

The original “user_username.ini“ file can be deleted from the computer.

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