If using software protection with a hardware key, the AxisVM software can be installed directly from the USB flash drive provided.

If upgrading or installing a new AxisVM program with a software license, please download the AxisVM X6 installation package.

For assistance with the AxisVM installation process, please see the Installation Guide below.

Prior to running AxisVM, you will need a key file that permits the operation of the hardware key or the software license. The key file will be sent to you by email, and must be copied into the AxisVM X6 installation folder (the same folder where the software was installed on your computer).

If the installation package download does not start, please try the following:

● Right-click on the Download AxisVM X6 button and select “Open Link in New Window”

● For Chrome browser, follow these instructions


Before starting the installation, make sure that your computer meets the minimum recommended system requirements for the software to work effectively.



Once the download of the setup file „axisvm_x6_install_eu.exe” is completed, you may start the installation process by installing AxisVM X6 from the startup window that appears in the Setup Wizard. Please follow the on-screen instructions.



Please read the license agreement carefully. By clicking “I Accept / I agree” you are accepting/agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of this License Agreement.


When installing the program on your system, it will be installed on the system drive by default (C:\AxisVM X6), however, you can change the default installation folder during set up.

Changing the default installation folder:
As in earlier versions, you may install the program to the folder C:\Program Files\AxisVM_X6 as well. In this case, make sure you enable the “Run as administrator” option for AxisVM.exe, AxisVM_x64.exe and the \IDTFConverter\DTFConverter.exe programs as well. To do this, right-click on these programs and from the ‘Properties’ menu select the ‘Compatibility’ tab. Activate by checking the box marked “Run this program in compatibility mode.” Locate the program in your system’s Start menu/Computer menu, right-click on “Properties” in the menu, and activate the above mentioned functions at ‘Privilege level’. Make sure you have given permission to write to the C: \Program Files AxisVM_X6 directory. Select the ‘Security’ tab to enable this function. If you are logged in with administrator rights, you will have access to these functions by default.


On 64 bit operating systems, the user can choose to install either the 32 bit or the 64 bit version of AxisVM. Installing the 64 bit version also copies the files for the 32 bit version to the drive, but no shortcut is created on the desktop for it. On 32 bit operating systems, only the 32 bit version is installed.

It is not recommended to install AxisVM under the c:\Program Files folder as the program placed there can be started only with administrative rights and there may be issues with running libraries such as the 3D PDF generator.


The program is protected by either a hardware key or a software license.

Hardware key:
The latest Sentinel driver version will automatically be installed. If you encountered problems (e.g. due to security settings of the operating system) you can install this driver later from the pop-up menu Downloads / Sentinel driver menu item. Run the install file with administrator rights. Plug in the key only after the installation is complete, since certain operating systems will try to recognize the plugged in devices and this process may interfere with the driver installation.

Software license:
For software protection, you will need the Sentinel SL driver.


If you have a network version, you must install the network key. In most cases, AxisVM and the key are on different computers. However, in order to make the key accessible through the network, the Sentinel driver must be installed on both computers (the local and server computers).

AxisVM with a network license is shipped with a USB Sentinel Super Pro network dongle.


If AxisVM is launched on a client machine, it will begin to search the network for available network keys by checking each computer running the Sentinel Pro Server, regardless of if the key is plugged or not. This may slow down the search process. To improve the connection speed, it is recommended that you create an NSP_HOST environment variable on the client machine, specifying the IP address of the computer with the key, e.g.: NSP_HOST =

In the case of more than one network key, it is possible to set the NSP_HOST1, …., NSP_HOST5 environment variables to identify computers with keys.

The maximum number of keys that can be handled this way is five

To run AxisVM on any computer on the network, SuperPro Server must be running on the server. If it stops, all running AxisVM programs will stop.


AxisVM, like many other Windows applications, supports the Microsoft COM technology, making its operations available for external programs. Programs implementing a COM server register their COM classes in the Windows Registry, which provides interface information.

You can use add-ons created for AxisVM by external developers – or by yourself. To run these programs, the AxisVM COM server must be registered in the Windows Registry. If you installed AxisVM with administrative rights, this registration is already completed. If the registration failed, you can run !Register_AxisVM.bat (on 32 bit operating systems) or !Register_AxisVM_x64.bat (on 64 bit operating systems) with administrative rights. 32 bit add-ons launch the 32 bit version and are compatible only with that. 64 bit add-ons can be used only on 64 bit versions.

32-bit plug-ins start automatically and can only be used with 32-bit AxisVM, while 64-bit plug-ins work only with 64-bit AxisVM.


IMPORTANT: Prior to running AxisVM, you will need a key file that permits the operation of the hardware key or the software license. The key file will be sent to you by email, and must be copied into the AxisVM X6 installation folder (the same folder where the software was installed on your computer).

In the case of software protection, it is necessary to activate the protection, for which the steps are found in the AxisVM software protection guide.

The installer creates an AxisVM X6 icon on the desktop of your computer. By double-clicking on the icon, the program will start automatically. Otherwise, you may find and launch AxisVM X6 from the the Start menu of your system. First, open up Start > All Programs, and search through the menu for the program. Simply click on it to start AxisVM X6.

Depending on the security settings of the operating system, a security warning may appear. Click Yes and continue.


  • Right click on the AxisVM icon
  • Select Properties from the popup menu
  • Go to the Compatibility tab, and check

Run this program as an administrator.

If you have administrator rights but the program does not start, check the following issues:

  • If a message with an error code is displayed, please check if the hardware key is properly connected and the LED is lit
  • If the LED is not lit, the USB port may not be operational. If no message appears, but the program does not start, check your antivirus program settings (see below)


Certain antivirus products running on the PC can send a false alarm during installation. This is caused by heuristic algorithms searching for virus-like activities. These algorithms may detect the operation of the AxisVM special protection system, and send a false alert.

If this occurs you can do the following:

  • If the antivirus product put AxisVM.exe into quarantine, restore it
  • Add AxisVM.exe to the exceptions list (files not checked by the antivirus software)
  • Alternatively, you may reduce the sensitivity of the heuristic check on the control panel of the antivirus product

The VirusTotal website offers antivirus check of 50 different products.


Both AxisVM.exe (32-bit version) and AxisVM_x64.exe (64-bit version) can be started in safe mode by entering axisvm.exe /SAFE or axisvm_x64.exe /SAFE in the command line, respectively. It is recommended that you start AxisVM in safe mode in the following cases:

  • If you have graphics card or driver problems
  • If problems are detected in multithreaded mode
  • If AxisVM hangs when is trying to recover the latest file damaged in a crash
  • If a plug-in or add-on module causes errors

If any other error occurs, please contact InterCAD at .


It is recommended that you install new versions of the software into a new folder. This way the previous versions will remain available.

Models created in previous versions are recognized and converted automatically. Saving files will use the latest format by default. Saving files in the file format of one of the previous versions is possible, but information specific to the newer versions will be lost.


Models created with previous AxisVM versions (if applicable) will be converted into the current version file format when you open files for the first time. Therefore, they are all compatible with X6 version.

Models saved in the latest version format cannot be opened by previous program versions. However, the File / Save As / File Format command will offer an option to save your model in earlier formats of the program.