Error code 70 – Sentinel SuperPro-NET key

Problem description #

Client PC throws an Error code 70 message at AxisVM Startup.

Licensing is done through Sentinel SuperPro-NET key technology, which is a common physical protection tool for single, or multi-user network licenses (described in detail: User manual / chapter 2.2.1).

Reason #

If AxisVM is launched on a client machine it begins to search the network for available network keys checking each computer running Sentinel Pro Server. Error code 70 means, that the machine can not access to the Sentinel SuperPro key.

Assuming that the installation is done properly, this is most likely because of improper firewall settings

Solution #

  • Firewall settings: Enable TCP / IP and UDP protocols on ports 6001 and 6002 on the firewall to ensure network operation.
  • Improve connection speed: it is advised to create an NSP_HOST environment variable on the client machine, specifying the local network IP address of the computer with the key, e.g.: NSP_HOST =
    In case of more than one network key, it is possible to set the NSP_HOST1, …., NSP_HOST5 environment variables identifying computers with keys. The maximum number of keys that can be handled this way is five.
    Under Windows 10: Open the Start Search, type in “env”, and choose “Edit the system environment variables”, click the “Environment variables…” button and set the environment variable

Troubleshooting #

Use the official troubleshooting tool of Sentinel to perform a Network test, which is available here (by default installation) : C:\AxisVM X6\Sentinel\Medic\Sam131.exe

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