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1. Can I use SI units for some variables and Imperial units for others? Can I change the units any time?

Yes, and you can use the predefined units schemes included with the software, or can create your own units settings that can be saved for later use.

2. How can I set the grid and cursor step? What Ctrl x means?

Use the Options icon or Option command from the Settings menu. You can set the grid and cursor step for each axes independently. "Ctrl x" means, that the cursor will move at a time the value entered here times the cursor step size, therefore you can move the cursor very accurately. Its default value is 0.1, i.e. if mouse position snaps to a 10 cm grid, pressing the Ctrl key makes the mouse snap to a 1 cm grid.

3. Can I print reports in English or in a different language?

If your copy includes the add-on module Documentation in "language", you can set the language of the reports and post-processing tabulated result displays in the Settings menu,/Preferences.../Language command.

4. How can I set the design code I would apply?

It is recommended to set the design code when you start to build your model. However, you can change the applied design code at any time in the Settings menu, Design Codes... window, that displays the available design codes included in your current AxisVM configuration. After changing design code seismic parameters, seismic load cases, load group parameters will be deleted (except safety factors). As certain material and reinforcement parameters may be defined in the design code it is recommended to check them after code change.

5. How can I enter cross-sections and materials of my local suppliers?

You can create you own libraries of materials and cross-sections calling the respective library from the File menu. You can assign a name and file name to your library. Once the library has been created, you can use it in any model you will build.

6. Do AxisVM provide a report of the weight of each cross-section and materials used in the model?

Yes. You can obtain a material and cross-section weight report using the Weight Report icon located under the redo icon under the main menu.

7. Can I display different result components in different windows?

Yes. AxisVM has a multi-window graphical user interface. Each window can display different view of the model, and different result components. Therefore, you display a moment diagram in one and a shear force diagram in an other, while the displacements in a other. In addition, each window can display different parts, that allows more customized display.

8. How to define a new part within an existing part? ...

I select this part to be the only displayed one. But when I am to select the elements AxisVM switches back to display the entire model. The Parts icon on the left toolbar is disabled so I cannot turn on the display of the active part. What can I do?
In Settings/Display/Switches dialog (Ctrl+D) check the Display/Parts option. It turns on the latest active parts. If the above part was selected beforehand its elements will be displayed only.

9. Can a model be shared with others so that several engineers can work on a large project concurrently?

No, however, AxisVM offers a model file merge method that will combine the different parts together into a complete model ... if the X/Y/Z coordinates are shared by all models.

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