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1. How to enter a node numerically?

1. Set the Geometry page and click the Node icon. Pressing the key X, Y or Z you get to the coordinate window. Specify the desired coordinate values. Tab moves around the edit boxes. The d button (delta switch) turns relative coordinates on or off. Press Enter to enter node.
2. Select table of nodes in Table Browser (F12). Click the New Row icon on the toolbar or press Ctrl+Ins to insert a new row. Enter global X, Y, Z coordinates of the node and its degrees of freedom.

2. How to import nodal coordinates from Excel via Clipboard?

Select an area of three columns and any number of rows in Excel containing nodal coordinates. Cut (Ctrl+X) or copy (Ctrl+C) these cells to Clipboard. Enter the Table Browser in AxisVM (F12). Paste (Ctrl+V) coordinates to the table of Nodes. Nodes will be created with the default degrees freedom.

3. How to create copies of an object to form a spiral stair?

In Rotate dialog one can set a pitch per copy (h). It makes the copies shift along the rotation axis.

4. How can we rotate in perspective view?

Rotation center point, arc start point and arc endpoint can be specified only if the point is identified by the cursor as an existing node or point on an existing line. Only X and Y coordinates are considered and the rotation axis is always the Z axis.

5. How can I draw two intersecting trusses without creating a node at the point of intersection?

Switch off automatic intersection (Options/Editing/Auto/Intersection) before drawing the second truss. After drawing it you can switch it on again.

6. How many nodes, lines, or surfaces I can use in my model?

Depends on the version of AxisVM you have. The Small Business version allows for a limited number of entities, while the Professional version do not have any limitation in this regard. However, the size of you hard disk (and, indirectly the speed of your computer) may limit the size of a model you can analyze successfully.

7. How many nodes, lines, or surfaces I can use in my model?

The Working on Parts feature of AxisVM allows an extremely easy handling of very sophisticated models you may build. You can define parts as a set of entities of your model that you want to display at a time. Usually these belong to a well defined structural element in your structure. You can assign a lengthy name to each of your parts, and then enable or disable of the display of your parts, according to your needs.

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