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1. Steps of Installation

After downloading, install the software into a folder of your choice.
After the installation please fill out the registration form and send it to us in e-mail. The license file required to run the program will be sent to you in a reply to your e-mail address.
Please copy the attached license file (key.lic) to the directory you have already installed the software.

Installation under Vista and Windows 7, 8 Operating System

You need the latest Sentinel driver.   sentinel driver   Downloading Sentinel driver
Click on the program icon with the Mouse right button after the installation of AxisVM program.
Choose the Properties menu item from the Quick Menu.
Select the Compatibility tab on the appearing dialog and turn on the Run as administrator checkbox.

If you are unable to start the software after installation:
Make sure that the license file (key.lic) is located in the installation directory of the software.
If your computer is protected by Panda Antivirus solution please turn it off when starting the software.
If these measures do not solve the problem, please contact us. Customer Support

2. How much memory does AxisVM need?

It is recommended to have at least 512K physical RAM. Large models run much faster if you have the appropriate physical memory. If the operation system needs more memory than the physical RAM it begins to use the hard disk to store/retrieve data and (this process is called paging). As it requires more time to access hard drives instead of physical memory this process considerably slows down computing. If you have 1024K of physical RAM you may run a calculation requiring 500K entirely in physical memory (it also depends on the memory requirements of the operation system and on the running tasks).

3. How do I know what version of AxisVM I am using, and what add-on modules are included?

When starting the program a startup window is displaying the version number and the release number, and the codes of the modules that are included in your copy. You can invoke this window anytime from the Help menu, selecting About AxisVM ... command.

4. I want to expand the version I have with an add-on module. What should I do?

You should contact your software provider (dealer) or MAD Software (is in USA) to order the modules you want. You will be provided with a new key file that will enable the modules you ordered, once you copy it into the AxisVM installation folder. You can place the order to obtain the new key file via email, phone or fax.

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