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The Upper Liard River Bridge Jacking

The Upper Liard River Bridge Jacking
Canada - Yukon Territories

Structural designer: KGM Engineering

Date: 2016


The Upper Liard River Bridge is located on the Alaska Highway west of Watson Lake, Yukon Territories. The bridge spans over the Upper Liard River, which flows in a southerly direction at the bridge. The bridge is located almost exactly east-west alignment with the river orientated in the north-south direction. The bridge has 2 x 100m spans and it was built in mid 1900’s.

Our major task was – among other temporary engineering work – to jack the bridge at both abutments and piers. The center pier had to be post tensioned due to poor existing conditions. The post tension system remained permanently for further strengthening of the pier.

In addition to this, we had widened the pier to be able to distribute the total jacking forces of 3,600kN/side. Structural modification of the existing structure was required due to the fact the bridge was not designed for jacking/bearing replacement. Our estimated self-weight of the structure was confirmed within 5%.

Global model of the bridge

Spatial and rendered views of the model

Von-Mises stress - overall view of original structural elements / Bottom cover plate of diagonal member

Figure showing different parts of lifting structure (shim supported)

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Steel design and check
Timber beam design

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