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Reconstruction of Margit bridge

Benta Towers Residential Buildings
Tg-Mures – Romania

Structural designer: ConSoft Proiect srl,
Aris srl, Zplan srl

Date: 2007 - 2008


Benta Towers is a unique creation in Tg-Mures.

Starting from the two levels of underground parking and continuing with the aerial perspective offered by elevators that lead up to the spectacular panoramic terraces of the penthouses, blends harmoniously with the elevated style of the residence, the Benta Towers are designed to satisfy the most demanding requirements of comfort, quality and safety. It is an impressive residential complex compound of four 15 and 20 story buildings. The complex has a modern shopping center and underground parking on two levels, distributed throughout the resort.

Structural concept

The residential complex consists of several buildings. The structure is composed of cast in place reinforced concrete frames with bracing walls. We will detail only the two 15 story structures, because the other buildings are not currently built.

Seismic analysis and design

For the reinforced concrete multistory flexible frame buildings, the intensity drift control governs the design. For this reason, the seismic analysis of buildings in seismic areas is extremely important.

Reconstruction of Margit bridge

Added value of the AxisVM software

„ AxisVM made our work a lot easier through the advanced seismic analysis capabilities of the software. The intuitive interface and commands helped us in the correct modeling of the structure by unifying the infrastructure with the superstructure in the same model. The following features made our work faster and more effective:

   The possibility to reduce the sectional characteristics of structural elements in different phases.

   Fast and effective seismic analysis by the spectral element method.

   Checking level relative displacement, through complex calculation that can take into account the accidental torsion of the structure.

   Among the many design modules of the AxisVM, we want to emphasize the concrete beam design module that can design the beams by taking into account the shear force calculated from plastic hinges. By this verification we can pass brittle or other undesirable failure mechanisms (eg.: shear failure of structural elements, failure of beam-column joints, yielding of foundations or any other element intended to remain elastic) shall be prevented by deriving the design action effects of selected regions from equilibrium conditions when plastic hinges with their possible overstrengths have been formed in their adjacent areas.”


Dipl. ing. Tőkés Károly

ConSoft Proiect srl

Concrete design and check
Steel design and check
Timber beam design

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