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Reconstruction of Margit bridge

Reconstruction of Margaret bridge
Budapest - Hungary

Engineering: Margit Híd Konzorcium
(Főmterv Zrt., MSc Kft., Pont-TERV Zrt., Céh Zrt.)

Date: 2007-2011


The multi-span bridge (spans:74 – 83 – 88 – 88 – 83 – 74 m), links Buda and Pest was built in 1876 based on Ernest Gouin design. It was extended with another bridge linking to Margaret Island in 1900. The bridge except this extension bridge was destroyed in World War 2. Bridge was rebuilt using six main riveted steel arches with reinforced concrete deck each span. In the following 60 years bridge deteriorated, the slab has broken in many places therefore, reconstruction became necessary at the turn of the millennium.


The old RC slab was replaced with a new orthotropic steel deck during reconstruction. More posts were installed between the main arches and the girders in accordance with the original design and braced with cross bracing.

Several building stages was checked during reconstruction works e.g. splitting of the bridge along to two (3-3 main arches in half-bridge), work stages and loading of the gantry crane or demolition stages of the RC deck.

Analysis and modelling

„ The largest spans of the bridges were modelled and analysed in AxisVM structural analysis & design software. The arches and the posts were modelled as beam elements, the main and cross girders were modelled as ribs and the deck was modelled with shell elements.

The forces between the main arches and the girders were modelled with link elements, the eccentric connections were modelled using rigid bodies. Along the global structural model we have created several smaller (local) models as well to check connections of cantilevered elements.”

Attila Vigh Ph.D.
Főmterv Zrt.

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