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Graphical Interface

This section describes the working environment of the full AxisVM graphical user interface.

The parts of the AxisVM screen are briefly described below.

Graphics area - The area on the screen where you create your model.
Graphics cursor - The screen cursor is used to draw, select entities, and pick from menus and dialog boxes. Depending on the current state of AxisVM, it can appear as a pick-box, crosshairs with pick-box, or pointer.
Top menu bar - Each item of the top menu bar has its own dropdown menu list. To use the top menu bar, move the cursor up to the menu bar. The cursor will change to a pointer. To select a menu bar item, move the pointer over it, and press the pick button to select the item. Its associated sub-menu will appear.
Active icon - The active icon represents the command that is currently selected.
Icon bar - The icons represent working tools in a pictorial form. These tools are accessible during any stage of work. The icon bar and flyout toolbars are draggable and dockable.
Coordinate window - The window on the graphics area displaying the graphics cursor coordinates.
Color legend window - The window shows the color legend used in the display of the results. Appears only in the post-processing session.
Info window - The window shows the status of the model and results display.
Context sensitive help - Provides a help message that depends on the topic under process.
Property Editor - The Property Editor offers a simple way to change certain properties of the selected elements or loads.
Pet palette - Pet palettes appear when modifying geometry according to the type of the dragged entity (node, straight line, arc).
Speed buttons - Speed buttons in the bottom right provide the fastest access to certain switches (parts, sections, symbols, numbering, workplanes, etc.)
The model - With AxisVM you can create and analyze finite element models of civil engineering structures. Thus the program operates on a model that is an approximate of the actual structure. To each model you must assign a name. That name will be used as a file name when it is saved. You may assign only names that are valid Windows file names. The model consists of all data that you specify using AxisVM. The model’s data are stored in two files: the input data in the filename.axs and the results in the filename.axe file.

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