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AxisVM can import data through a direct connection between AxisVM and Autodesk Revit 2015 (or newer). It is based on the Revit API which lets other programs to query and modify its database. At the end of AxisVM setup process the installer creates a folder called "RevitImport" under the AxisVM folder, and copies all the necessary files.

There are two methods of communication

1.   Using an intermediate file.
2.   Through AxisVM COM interface.

The scheme of dataflow is:

The process must be started from Revit as shown below.

The Export statical model to AxisVM dialog let us to choose between the two methods. This choice also determines the available settings on the dialog. Choosing the COM interface offers setting certain geometry parameters. The language of the dialog can also be selected from a list.

1.   Import via an intermediate file.

Users should choose this option, if they wish to send the data to another user. First they have to set the name of the file to be saved. After a successful save operation, the file created can be imported into AxisVM.
When importing the file into AxisVM a dialog will pop up.

2.   Import through AxisVM COM interface.

Use this option if you process the data extracted from Revit yourself and you run Revit and AxisVM on the same machine. After a successful export through the AxisVM COM interface, AxisVM launches and you can continue editing the model there. The above geometry parameters must be set in the Revit export dialog. Element types to be exported can be set by selecting tree items.

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