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Clicking the mesh tab mesh toolbar becomes available with mesh generation for line elements and domains, mesh refinement functions and a finite element shape checking. Automatic detection of overlapping lines and missing intersections during meshing reduces the errors in model geometry. Support of multiple core processors can reduce the time of meshing.

Automatic Mesh Generation (optimized for multiple core processors)

Line meshing

Finite element analysis uses linear elements with constant cross-section so arced and variable cross-section (tapered) line elements must be divided into parts. This is called line element meshing. The accuracy of the solution depens on the mesh density.

Domain meshing

A mesh of triangular surface elements can be generated on the selected domains by specifying an average surface element side length for the mesh. Meshing will take into account all the holes, internal lines and points of the domain. Meshes optionally can follow loads above a certain intensity or be adjusted to column heads to enable cutting of moment peaks.
The mesh can be a triangle mesh, a quadrangle mesh or a mixed mesh, in which most of the elements are quadrilateral with some triangles here and there.

Further mesh refinement methods

Refine mesh

Lets you refine the finite element mesh of surfaces. The elements in the refined mesh have the same properties (material, cross-section / thickness, references, etc.) as those in the coarse mesh. You have to manually set the nodal degrees of freedom of the newly generated mesh that were not set automatically during the process of mesh generation.

Checking Finite Element mesh

Mesh check

Program checks the minimum angle of surface finite elements (a).
The finite element is heavily distorted if a ≤ 15 for triangles, a ≤ 30 for quadrilaterals.

Concrete design and check
Steel design and check
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