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Post tension design

After selecting an tensioning load case, the above icon for tensioning load becomes enabled.


Tendons can be assigned to a continuous selection of beam or rib elements. After defining tendon properties and the tensioning process AxisVM deter¬mines the immediate losses of prestress and the equivalent loads for the end of tensioning (load case name-T0). After completing a static analysis it determines the time dependent losses of prestress and the long term equivalent loads from the result of quasi-permanent combinations (load case name-TI). Tendon trajectory tables can be generated with user-defined steps. The first tab is to define tendon parameters and geometry.

If valid parameters, geometry and tensioning process is assigned to every tendon, result diagrams are displayed on the fourth tab.
If one tendon is selected in the tree two diagrams are shown. The first one is the actual tension along the tendon (fp /fpk), and the equivalent load for the tendon (F). If more than one tendon is selected the diagram shows the resultant equivalent load for the selected tendons only.

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