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Timber Design

Timber Design

Timber Design  →  Order code TD1

Timber Design

Timber design optimization  →  Order code TD9

Timber Design

Modeling of XLAM (cross-laminated) timber panels  →  Order code XLM

Efficiency check for Solid Timber, LVL or Glulam Structural Members

The timber beam design module can be applied to the following cross-sections and timber materials:

   Rectangle for solid timber, Glued laminated timber (Glulam) and for Laminated veneer lumber (LVL)

   Round for solid timber

Timber Design - Rectangle for solid timber Timber Design - Round for solid timber Timber Design - Glued laminated timber (Glulam) Timber Design - Laminated veneer lumber (LVL)

Solid timber

(softwood, hardwood),

Glulam, LVL

Available for:

Eurocode 5 EN 1995-1-1:2004

The material database contains the solid, Glulam and LVL timber material properties according to the related EN standard.

(Solid timber: EN338, Glulam: EN 1194).

Timber design optimization

Cross-section optimization of timber structures makes timber design members previously defined and designed more efficient by fine-tuning cross-section dimensions and reducing self weight.

Optimization checks the design members for the same internal forces ignoring stiffness changes due to changing dimensions. In certain structures recalculation of the model may show considerable changes in internal force patterns. In these cases several consecutive optimizations may find the more efficient structure.

Optimization uses the timber design parameters previously assigned to the design members. Cross-section types suitable for optimization are: rectangle, rounded rectangle and circular shapes. Variable cross-sections cannot be optimized.

Modeling of XLAM (cross-laminated) timber panels

This domain type requires the XLM module handling XLAM (cross-laminated timber) panels. AxisVM offers a library of many common products but custom layer structure can also be entered.

Analysis provides displacements, forces and stresses in XLAM domains.

XLAM layer structure can be loaded from libraries or you can use Panel Structure Editor

The Name field contains the name of the panel structure. Thickness is the calculated total thickness of the panel. Number of layers is always odd, layer structure must be symmetrical. So editing a line of the Layer structure immediately changes the value of its symmetric counterpart.

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new module: XLM

AxisVM News

XLAM panel structure database and editor

Stress calculation for XLAM panels

There is no currently valid, overall design regulation for XLAM (CLT) panels, thus the following standards, pre-standards and normatives were taken as a basis of the design procedure:
EN 1995-1-1, prEN 1995-1, DIN 1052:2004, DIN 1052:2008, GU 14.1.2008.

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Stress calculation for XLAM panels

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