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Steel beam design based on Eurocode 3

Efficiency check for steel structural members.

Steel design  →  Order code SD1

Steel column-beam bolted joint design  →  Order code SD2

Steel design

The steel beam design module can be applied to the following shapes: Rolled I shapes, Welded I shapes, Box shapes, Pipe shapes, Single-symmetric I shapes, Tee shapes, Rectangular (solid) shapes, Round (solid) shapes, Arbitrary shapes, some checks are not performed.

Among elements with cross-section class 4, single- and double-symmetric I shaped, rectangular and box shaped cross-sections can be designed with this module. Effective section properties are calculated in the cases of uniform compression and uniform bending.

Available for:

Eurocode 3 EN 1993-1-1:2004
NEN NEN 6770:1997
SIA SIA 262:2003

For the design based on Eurocode 3, the following design parameters should be defined and assigned to the structural members:

Steel column-beam bolted joint design

AxisVM calculates the moment-curvature diagram, the resistance moment and initial strength of steel column-beam bolted joints based on Eurocode3 (Part 1.8 Design of Joints).

The above type of joints can be calculated: - beam to column joint and beam to beam joint


   The beam and column cross-sections are rolled or welded I shapes.

   The beam end plate connect to the flange of the column.

   The pitch range of the beam is beetwen ± 30°.

   The cross-section class should be 1, 2 or 3.

   The normal force in the beam should be less than 0.05* Npl,Rd.

The program checks if these requirements are met.

The calculation method considers shear forces and normal forces together with the moments. As a consequence we can get different resistant moments (MrD) for the same connection depending on the load cases (or combinations).

Therefore AxisVM checks the MrD, MsD condition in all load cases.

Concrete design and check
Steel design and check
Timber beam design

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