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AxisVM Software Verification Examples

The Verification Examples book contains wide range of verification test cases for AxisVM. These test cases verify the function of the different AxisVM analysis and design types using theoretical and benchmark solutions from well known engineering test cases.

Each test case contains test modell data and information, such as element type and material properties, loads, support conditions, analysis type, short problem description and the results, and comparison with references.

Furthermore, the close accordance of the AxisVM results to the theoretical results in this book is intended to provide user confidence in the AxisVM solutions. An attempt has been made to include most element types and major solution capabilities of AxisVM in this set of test cases. These problems may then serve as the basis for additional validation and qualification of AxisVM capabilities by the user for specific applications that may be of interest.

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Verification Examples of the AxisVM software

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Concrete design and check
Steel design and check
Timber beam design

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