Rapido Updates

Latest Release Updates for AxisVM Rapido Users

Download the latest release updates of the market version. Only the last three versions are supported. Due to changes in design code and implementation it is not recommended to use old versions of AxisVM Rapido.

Downloads AxisVM Rapido 2

Download AxisVM Rapido 2

v2. Release 1d.

Updated on 04.05.2017


Download Rapido2


Download User's Manual for AxisVM Rapido 2


Download Manual


Downloads AxisVM Rapido 1

Download AxisVM Rapido 1

v1. Release 2d.

Updated on 01.06.2013


Download Rapido1


Download User's Manual for AxisVM Rapido 1


Download Manual


Download Sentinel driver

Download the latest Sentinel driver

driver version 7.6.6




Update Installation Guide

Step 1.

Download and install the update AxisVM_Rapidoxxx_Update_EU.exe (where xxxx stands for the current version and release - e.g. AxisVM_rapido2r1b_Update_EU.exe).

Step 2.

If you select a different destination folder than the original one you have to copy the key file Rapidoxx_kkkk.key to the new destination folder (where xx stands for the version number, kkkk is the AxisVM Rapido protection key number - e.g. Rapido2_3905.key).

Troubleshooting hints:

If AxisVM Rapido does not run due to missing key file check if the key file is copied into the application folder.

If AxisVM Rapido cannot find the protection key you may need to reinstall the Sentintel driver:

   Choose Add/Remove Programs
(or Programs and Features) from the Control Panel.

   Uninstall both Sentinel System Driver and Sentinel Protection Installer.

   Restart the computer.

   Reinstall Sentinel driver.

   Run AxisVM Rapido.

If you checked these items and

AxisVM Rapido still does not run please contact us.



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