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1. Introduction

This website (website) is operated by Intercad Ltd.
This Privacy Policy explains what personal data we may collect about you, how we use it, and the steps we take to ensure that it is kept secure. We also explain your rights and how to contact us.

2. How to contact us

Company name: Intercad Ltd. / Headquarters: H-1075 Budapest Károly krt.9. VI./606.
E-mail: / Tel: +36 (1) 322 9072 / Fax: +36 (1) 322 6668 / Web:, Web:

3. Links to other websites


Please note, this website may contain links to other websites that are not controlled by us. These links are provided for your convenience. We are only responsible for our privacy practices and our security. We recommend that you check the privacy and security policies and procedures of each and every other website that you visit and each organization that holds your personal data.

4. Legal compliance


Unless stated otherwise, Intercad Ltd. is the data controller in respect of all personal data collected by us on this Website or otherwise. This means that we are responsible for ensuring that we do so in full compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 (to be replaced by the General Data Protection Regulation when it comes into effect in May 2018), all other related privacy laws and any codes of practice issued by the Information Commissioner.

5. Personal Data We Collect

We typically collect the following information:


social media information,


where appropriate, your qualifications and employment details,


details of the goods or services that you have ordered or in which you have expressed an interest,


details of any enquiries or requests for quotations you have made,


details of the newsletters you have subscribed to and any documents you have downloaded,


where relevant, payment card details or other applicable payment information,

6. Information Sources

We obtain personal data from:


directly from you such as when you register for any of our services, send us emails, contribute to our blogs and forums, attend any of our events,


from another organisation for example, where you receive information or services from one of our distributors. These organizations may share your personal data with us if you allow them to do so,


from social media sites or apps. If your settings and preferences allow, we may obtain information (including personal data) from social media services such as Facebook and LinkedIn,


Google Analytics

7. IP addresses and other device information


In order to understand how users use this Website and our services, we may collect information such as details of the browser you used, your operating system, the website you visited immediately before visiting our website and your Internet Protocol addresses (also known as IP addresses). Your IP address is a unique address that computer devices (such as PCs, tablets and smartphones) use to identify themselves and communicate with other devices in the network.


We use this information to analyze how our site is accessed and used and which of our suppliers are of most interest to you so that we improve our service and make it relevant to you.

8. Cookies


None of our page use cookies, neither to store personal information nor to provide information to third parties.

9. Preventing use of cookies


Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can usually change your browser to prevent cookies being stored. With experience, you can usually choose to switch off all cookies or to allow only certain ‘trusted’ sites to place cookies.

10. How We Will Use Your Personal Data


All personal data that we obtain about you will be recorded, used, and protected by us in accordance with current data protection law and this Privacy Policy. We will primarily use the personal data for the following purposes:


administration. To provide the goods and services you request and to communicate with you in the event that any of them are unavailable or if there is a query or problem with your request,


market research. To carry out market research so that we can improve the goods and services we offer,


profiling. To create an individual profile for you which includes analysing demographic and geographic information so that we can enhance your experience and relationship with us, understand and respect your preferences and to provide information and details of other initiatives where you have agreed to receive them,

11. Consent and lawful processing of personal data


The legal basis for the collection and use of your personal data is that you have given your consent and/or that it is in our legitimate interests to do so (or those of our suppliers) in order to educate and encourage innovation in science and your rights and freedoms are not prejudiced by this.

12. Disclosing your personal data


We do not sell personal data, but we will, however, share your data with those of our suppliers from which you require a quotation, content updates and/or details of related products and services if you have agreed to us doing so. We may provide aggregated statistical data to our distributors but this will be subject to strict license terms that only permit the data to be used for verification purposes unless we have your specific consent for anything more. Our Distributor’s Directory sets out details of our suppliers including where they are in the world. We update the Distributor’s Directory regularly and you can see the most up-to-date version on each of our websites.


To operate our websites and to provide our products and services, we may, occasionally, appoint other organizations to carry out some of the processing activities on our behalf. These may include, for example, technology hosts and email distribution services. In these circumstances, we will ensure that your personal data is properly protected and that it is only used in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

13. Publication on our websites


Where a supplier, contributor or expert provides contact details, qualifications or employment information to us, we may publish this on our websites and/or in our Distributor’s Directory.

14. Sale or other disposal of our business


If, for any reason, we dispose of any part of our business, we may transfer any records (which may include your personal data) to the new owner.

14. Sale or other disposal of our business


If, for any reason, we dispose of any part of our business, we may transfer any records (which may include your personal data) to the new owner.

15. Invitations, Newsletters and Opportunities


Intercad Ltd. and our suppliers would each like to contact you by email about products, services and a range of other initiatives. Details of how to opt-in to or opt-out of receiving information are on relevant pages of this Website and/or in the electronic message you receive.


We will usually try to tailor the communications we send to you so that they are relevant and in line with the preference options you have chosen which form part of the personal profile we will create for you.

16. Preferences / Subscribe / Unsubscribe


You can change your mind about whether you wish to receive information at any time and can tell us of your preferences by emailing us at or by following the instructions with each communication you receive.


Please note it may take up to one month for your changes to be implemented and for communications to cease.

17. Data Security


We take the security of personal data seriously. We employ security technology, including firewalls, and encryption to safeguard personal data and have procedures in place to ensure that our systems and databases are protected against unauthorized disclosure, use, loss and damage.


We only use third party service providers where we are satisfied that the security they provide for your personal data is at least as stringent as we use ourselves.

18. Data Retention


We will normally keep your personal data for five years after your last interaction with us, or any of our websites. If we consider that you are no longer an active user of our websites or our services, we may delete your personal data sooner than this.


We expect to contact you at least every two years to ensure you are still happy to hear from us according to the preferences you have provided to us.

19. Transfer of Your Personal Data Outside of Europe


To provide our services to you, we transfer personal data to our trusted service providers in the United States. We have taken proper steps to ensure that it is protected in accordance with this Privacy Policy and applicable privacy laws.


Some of our suppliers are located in regions outside of Europe. If you agree to us providing your details to our suppliers, your data may be transferred to the relevant supplier to satisfy your requirements.

20. Changes to This Privacy Policy


Privacy laws and practice are constantly developing, and we aim to meet high standards. Our policies and procedures are, therefore, under continual review. We may, from time to time, update our security and privacy policies. If we want to make any significant changes in how we will use your personal data we will contact you directly and, if required, seek your consent.


We will ensure our Website has our most up to date policy and suggest that you check this page periodically to review our latest version.

21. Updating and Correcting Personal Data


You may update or correct your personal data by logging into your Mailing List Preferences Page or contacting us and asking us to do it for you (see the section ‘How to contact us’ below). Please include your name and/or email address when you contact us as this helps us to ensure that we accept amendments only from the correct person.


On your Mailing List Preferences page, you can manage your data and conduct any of the following actions;


We encourage you to promptly update your personal data if it changes. If you are providing updates or corrections about another person, we may require you to provide us with proof that you are authorized to provide that information to us.

22. Your Rights

You have several legal rights in respect of your personal data. These include:


access. The right to receive a copy of the personal data that we hold about you. We will require proof of identity and proof of authority if the request comes from someone other than the person whose data we are asked to provide. This will ensure we only provide information to the correct person. We normally expect to respond to requests within 28 days of receiving them,


withdraw consent to direct marketing. You can exercise this right at any time and can update your preferences yourself or ask us to do it for you. See section ‘Updating and correcting your personal data’ above for details,


withdraw consent to other processing. Where the only legal basis for our processing your personal data is that we have your consent to do so, you may withdraw your consent to that processing at any time and we will have to stop processing your personal data. Please note, this will only affect a new activity and does not mean that processing carried out before you withdrew your consent is unlawful,


rectification. If you consider any of your personal data is inaccurate, you can correct it yourself or ask us to do it for you (see section ‘Updating and correcting your personal data’ above for details),


restriction. In limited circumstances you may be able to require us to restrict our processing of your personal data. For example, if you consider what we hold is inaccurate and we disagree, the processing may be restricted until the accuracy has been verified,


erasure. Where we have no lawful basis for holding onto your personal data you may ask us to delete it,


portability. In limited circumstances you may be entitled to have the personal data you have provided to us sent electronically to you for you to provide to another organization.

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