Aquaworld Resort Budapest - timber structure


STRUCTURAL DESIGNER: Dékettő Statikus Iroda Kft.
DESIGNER OF CENTRAL TIMBER DOME’S COVERING: Trombitás és Zoltai Mérnökiroda Kft.
ARCHITECT: Grontmij-Canor Kft.
YEAR: 2006-2008


Aquaworld Budapest is the biggest indoor water theme park in Central Europe. The only project comparable in size and services was built in Amsterdam. The total building cost was about 55,000,000 euros.

Central timber dome

The central space of the water theme park is covered by a huge five stories high 72 m (236 feet) diameter dome covering 4200 square meters without internal supports. The spherical cap was built with a special construction technology on a glued laminated timber frame and covered with a transparent multilayer plastic film. Warm air streaming in two cells provides protection against harmful UV rays. The main beams are 24 m long bent and glued laminated wooden beams. The final design was made more economimical by replacing all trusses with wooden elements. All connections are hidden behind cover plates.

„ AxisVM link elements modeling semi-rigid connections were a great help in performing proper design calculations.”

Gyula Trombitás
M.Sc. in Civil Engineering