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September, 2015
AxisVM News
AxisVM News
AxisVM News

AxisVM 13 has been released and will be available in English and Hungarian.


Here are some new features available in AxisVM 13

•  New methods to rotate the model, optional display of the rotation center symbol

•  Keyboard shortcut editor

•  New parametric thick-walled cross-sections

•  Re-importing an IFC file opens a dialog to review changes

•  Parametric ribbed slabs

•  Modeling of XLAM (cross-laminated) timber panels (new module: XLM)

•  Referential point load on beam and rib elements

•  Snow loads: Function to select roof edges with overhanging snow

•  Stress calculation for XLAM panels (new XLM module)

•  Timber design optimization (new module: TD9)


For more details see       New Features in AxisVM 13

October, 2013
New Features in AxisVM 12
AxisVM News
AxisVM News
AxisVM News

AxisVM 12 has been released and will be available in English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Hungarian, and Romanian.


Here are some new features available in AxisVM 12:

•  64bit version

•  Automated Snow and Wind Generator

•  Elastic-plastic nonlinear analysis

•  PDF imports to use as model template

•  Application of various structural grids in one model

•  Scaling in the Built-in Cross-Section Designer

•  New brick elements in materials database

•  Steel section optimization with design groups of members

•  New template builder in the Report Maker

•  More user defined modeling choices


For more details see       New Features in AxisVM 12

October, 2013
New AxisVM App Store
AxisVM News

AxisVM App Store

The COM technology, continually advancing in AxisVM has empowered many AxisVM professionals to create sophisticated and unique structural engineering solutions.
These solutions are commonly known as APPS, and they truly extend the applications of AxisVM . Visit the APP Store and see what may be useful and productive for your own needs.

For more details       App Store

June, 2013
InterCAD AxisVM Partner Meeting
AxisVM News

In early June, 2013, InterCAD reseller and developer partners met in Budapest to review the new features of AxisVM 12. Visitors attended from many European countries from the south to the north and west to the east. In addition to welcoming new reseller partners from Poland and Belgium, the group enjoyed the chance to meet old friends who have been attending these meetings for more than ten years. The partners enthusiastically supported the User Benefit focus of several of the new program features, and were advised that availability is expected by September. The attendees supported the implementation of a sales channel for the distribution of special user and partner developed APPS, and eight new APP developments were presented by several of the international partners.

December, 2012
64 bit Tekla Structures interface
AxisVM News

InterCAD notification to their International users advises that an advance 64-bit interface with Tekla Structures would be included in the next AxisVM v11 release. In a separate announcement, the company and its Polish Partner, GammaCAD of Poznan, PL have finalized the Eurocode 2 module with the Polish National Annex.

October, 2012
Proektsoft Ltd has joined AxisVM
AxisVM News

Proektsoft Ltd of Sofia Bulgaria has joined the AxisVM international group of software developers who create unique and application specific solutions for structural engineers. In a significant market event, the company has organized a long-term software licensing platform for the University 'School of Transport in Sophia. Proektsoft is an international developer of structural software programs and will link their programs to the AxisVM structural analysis platform.

May, 2012
AxisVM EC1993 design package
AxisVM News

InterCAD and WhiteBoxSoft of Genk, Belgium have announced the availability of AxisVM design package according to Eurocode 1993, with the Belgium National Annex. In a separate event, WhiteBoxSoft advised that their service and pre-sale support system was available for all Belgium users who wish to have assistance in evolving from legacy software programs into the BIM enabled, 3D Visual Modeling environment of AxisVM.

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