AxisVM Viewer

AxisVM Viewer - free presentation release

AxisVM Viewer is a freely downloadable version of the program for viewing models without the possibility of making changes. Printing of drawings, tables or reports is not available.

This programs allows a detailed presentation of a model in an environment where AxisVM has not been installed.

If you do not want others to use your work as a basis for their models but you would like to let them see it save the model in an AxisVM Viewer (*.AXV) file format (see File/Export). The market version cannot read AXV files but the Viewer can. This format guarantees that your work will be protected.

After filling out the form click the Submit button. You will get an email with the download link.

License file is not needed to using this version, so after installation you can use AxisVM Viewer immediately.

AxisVM Viewer - presentation release
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