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AxisVM Student Thesis License Registration

This is a free, time limited, full version for university and college students for homework and thesis projects. This version will work for 180 days. You need a software license to use this version.

Student License Registration
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        Registration should be complete. Incomplete registration details may prevent the permission for a license.



   Due to possible conflicts with file access rights it is recommended to avoid installing AxisVM under the Program Files (or Program Files (x86)) folder.

   Check if the key.lic file is copied to the actual application folder.

   If AxisVM runs but displays only the registration form, check if the HardwareID on the registration form matches the HardwareID listed in the reply to your registration email. If your HardwareID has changed please send a new registration.

   Check if the date is set to the correct value.

   If you get an error message when starting AxisVM, right click on the program shortcut or the AxisVM.exe file, and select Run as administrator.

   The hardware ID can change due to Windows update, reinstallation of the operating system, hardware change or internet connection change. In this case you will get an error message and the registration form will be shown again. This means that you need a new license file so you have to follow the steps from 4 to 7.

Installation Guide

Step 1.

After filling out the form click the Submit button.

Step 2.

You will get an email with the download link.

Step 3.

Download and install the application.

Step 4.

After completing installation, at the first running of program a registration form will appear. Fill in this form. According to this form a text file will be created, which contains your data and some hardware identifications of your computer.

   If you use any mail system on your computer, click onto E-MAIL button.

   If you don’t use mail system on your computer, click onto TEXT button. Your data will be saved into a txt file called HWIDxxx.txt and you can send that file to us as an attachment.

Step 5.

Make a photo or scan your valid student ID and attach it to the e-mail.

Step 6.

Within 48 hours you will get a reply with an attached license file (AxisVM_Key.lic) to the e-mail address completed in the registration form.

Step 7.

Save AxisVM_Key.lic file into the AxisVM installation folder. Please, check the file name after saving.


If you checked the Troubleshooting and AxisVM still does not run please contact customer support.




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